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Here some most common frequently asked questions that may help you speed up your trouble shooting.

My tracker is not updating:

1) Check your SIM, make sure it has credit and the credit was topped up within the last 12 months. If has passed 12 months, top it up with $20 again. This will last another 12 months exactly. Any issues with the SIM or GSM/Mobile network will activate a green LED light every few seconds, this means the device is not able to connect to the mobile network. So this can be a faulty SIM, SIM with no credit, or telco tower is down in your area. 

2) Is the tracker charged? Turned on? Taken outside and not left indoor?
Make sure it charges, press the SOS Buttons on the Sentinel and Guardian see if there is a quick flash of lights. If you don't get any notifications on your app this will be a SIM issue, especially if you see green LED light flashing every few seconds.

3) Does your phone have internet connection? Restart your phone, open up a browser and see if you can browse the internet. 

4) App is down for maintenence, check our  LiveTrek facebook page  for updates or e-mail us on for more information. 

5) Is it a Stealth unit? Check fuse, connections especially the grounding, make sure lights light up when connected. 

Not giving accurate location or updating:

1) Is the tracker out in the open? GPS signals can't travel indoor properly, so if under cover or indoor all you may get is a rogue GPS signal brounced in anywhere from 20 to 300 metres away. This signal will be shown as weak, thou sometimes you may get excellent but that is quite a rare occurence to have a strong signal bounce in through a window or door etc. 

2) Lack of GSM(Mobile) network: The tracker will never update unless it has two main signals which is GPS (outdoor) and GSM (Anywhere with mobile network) So if you're not getting an update one or both of the required signals is not available. You can only wait at this point as it's the same for someone trying to make a call without reception. 

3) Have both signals but still not updating? Check your SIM as above. 

4) SIM has credit, tracker powers up and updates but is at least 20-40 metres off on each update? Talk to us, might be a hardware fault, Contact us. 

Most common confusion:

Q: My Tracker is showing on the app as having great signal and there is still battery left. Why is it not updating and still showing at last location?

From the bottom information menu, press and bring it up. There is a time stamp on top with the date/time. This means all information you see below is the information given at that time stamp only. So why has it not updated since?

Possible causes: 

  1. Tracker may have stayed under shelter or in non reception zone since the last update until it ran out of power. So by the time it moved out into reception zone the tracker had turned off due to lack of power. Hence after charging and taking it outside it may have started updating again

  2. SIM card no longer has credit after the last update or the credit has passed it's 12 month expiry.

  3. Hardware fault, contact us for an inspection.