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About US

LiveTrek is a Tracking brand by Lintek, one of the most advanced tracking device designers and solution providers in the Oceania region based in Auckland, New Zealand. With their R&D / Manufacturing team based in both New Zealand and Taiwan they bring you innovative new products at the highest quality possible.

The LiveTrek website is here for simple reasons:

  • Help everyday consumers understand the various types of tracking devices that are available and their limitations
  • Where technology is at in terms of GPS tracking and what to expect in the near future.
  • The type of tracking device best suited for your lifestyle.
  • Direct online ordering

Lintek believes that GPS tracking should be versatile and at a low running cost. Having a website dedicated to educating consumers on GPS tracking technology and its limits is a good start. We feel from our experiences in being one of the first companies to launch consumer based tracking products since 2010′ it is vital for consumers to learn the types and limits of tracking devices, whether it’s by way of chipping/ID, Radio frequency or GPS tracking.

The Lintek design team hopes that with years spent on research and development they will be able to achieve helping users with less worry when it comes to the safety and whereabouts of their pets, items and loved ones. Hence by coming to the LiveTrek website you would be able to make a decision on what type of tracking device suits you best.