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About US

LiveTrek, a brand specializing in tracking solutions developed by Lintek, a prominent innovator of advanced tracking devices and solutions in the Oceania region, is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. Their research and development team is based in New Zealand while manufacturing takes place in Taiwan, allowing them to deliver top-tier products marked by superior quality.

The LiveTrek website is designed to assist everyday consumers in understanding the available types of tracking devices, their limitations, the current state of technology in GPS tracking, and the most suitable tracking device for their lifestyle.

As pioneers in consumer tracking products since 2010, we understand the significance of informing consumers about the various available tracking devices. From RFID to radio frequency and GPS tracking, it is crucial for users to grasp the capabilities and limitations of these tools.

The Lintek design team aims to alleviate users' concerns regarding the safety and location of their pets, belongings, and loved ones through extensive research and development. By visiting LiveTrek's website, consumers can make informed decisions on the most suitable tracking device for their needs.